Are you feeling tired of all the problems stress is causing in your life?

 Does the stress in your life or marriage seem to be controlling you, instead of you it?  
Wouldn’t it be great if the solution to peace could be found in one intentional date together?  
To finally get on the same page and develop an action plan against all the stress? 

Expedition Marriage Stress Rescue

Moving your stress and overwhelm to Peace and a Plan

The Stress Rescue Course is the remedy to exchanging stress and chaos for peace and a plan. In just 1-2 hours, or at your own pace, you will be led step by step thorough addressing and managing your stress, both individually and as a couple

Hi! We’re Chris & Jamie Bailey

We are professional Christian Marriage Counselors and Coaches.

Not only have we used all our tools and techniques to strengthen our own marriage, but we’ve also helped thousands of couples restore and enrich their marriages too.

We know what it takes to have a God-centered, connected and thriving marriage, and we want to help you have the same! 

Think back for a moment to those simpler times, maybe those times when you were newly married and had far more excitement and far less responsibilities.

Those days in your marriage where you tackled any stress together and were always able to manage it without it burdening you so much.

Well, we may not be able to take you back to those good ol’ days, but...

Can you imagine having less anxiety and more peace even amidst the stress because you have a plan and a partner to handle it with?

Think about it…

What would it feel like to lay your head on the pillow at night leaving those stressors in their proper place?

Would a couple hours of your time, especially in the form of a date, be worth it to have that kind of rest again?

Then this is the course you need! 

In this course you will...

➡️ Learn how to identify your individual and couple stressors
➡️ Discover new ways to address and manage your stress
➡️ Begin to come together as a united team in support of one another
➡️ Trade your stress and overwhelm for peace and a plan

Here’s what you’ll learn during your self-paced time together… 

  • How mismanaged stress impacts your mind, body, spirit, and your marriage
  • You’ll be able to identify your individual and couple stressors, and your stress response pattern
  • You’ll discover what God has to say about stress and the management of it
  • You’ll learn how to create a practical plan that you can execute together

If you’re thinking…

“This sounds great but I’m so stressed and overwhelmed I don’t have time for this!”

We hear you, but can we suggest that you don’t have the time NOT to do it. We promise you; your stress is stealing more time from you than this course ever will.

Besides, that’s exactly why we made it completely doable in under 2 hours. We promise it will be time well spent.

What’s included in this course:

  • 5 instructional videos with us teaching you all that you need to know to create a more stress-free life now and, in the future
  • Worksheets to work on individually and together
  • A written and workable plan of action